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I love wine and talking. So this blog is dedicated to sharing any wine favorites, experiences or stories. It is also a place to share my thoughts for the day as I sip my wine. I hope that everyone will join in the fun of this blog!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jane BentonTamara Henslee Fitzpatrick: Today's Publix sales paper has this Santa Rita wine for $8.99 for two bottles! So, I go to Publix to pick up the cabbey, and they only kind they have left on the shelf are two bottles of the Sauvignon Blanc, and each bottle has a $1.00 off coupon. SO, even though I wanted the red merlot or cabbey, I couldn't pass up the deal. But, I am going to check with the manager and see when they are going to restock!
Ratings and Cellaring for 2009 Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Rita Winery, Central Valley, Chile, Sauvignon Blanc. The simple way to review and share wine.
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    • Tamara Henslee Fitzpatrick you can go get a raincheck girl.....get back in there.......and post this on the web page, this is great......!!!!
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Raise your glass......
here's to the freed miners.......
Freedom feels good on all levels........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FYI.....from a follower.....!!!!

Williams-Sonoma is closely involved in selecting the wines offered through the Williams-Sonoma Wine Club. Williams-Sonoma has carefully selected a wine partner, the Global Wine Company, to operate the Williams-Sonoma Wine Club. Global Wine Company ensures that all wine sales are made by a licensed retailer in compliance with state laws. Your wine purchase will be a separate transaction from your purchases on the Williams-Sonoma site and will ship separately with respective tax and shipping-processing charges applied. Due to state laws, wine only can be purchased by legal adults. Wine may only be shipped to legal adults in the following states: AZ, CA, DC, HI, IA, ID, IL, LA, MA, MI, MO, MN, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, TX, VA, WV, WY.

Our Wine Club Benefits: We make wine shopping simple, convenient and stress-free.
Our team of experts hand-selects the world's best wines.
Shipments include tasting notes and recipe pairings for each wine.

Go check it out.....I myself have not done this yet but wanted to pass along the info.  They also give you 2 free bottle of wine when you join their wine club and make your first purchase.  Comeback and give your feedback if you do go check it out.  "It's fun to share"  .....!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

See No Evil, Hear No evil, Pinot Evil....!!!

This wine has been a favorite of mine for a while now and yes it does come in a box or a bottle.  It is a Pinot Noir and I absolutely love it.  The box reads "dating back to the 8th century, this three wise monkey proverb was introduced to Japan by a Chinese Buddhist monk. Long believed by many winemakers to be the most challenging grape to grow and craft into wine, Pinot Noir often seems possessed... if not downright evil.  We prefer to view Pinot noir as a guilty pleasure.  And with this philosophy in mind, Pinot Evil dances with a lovely ripe cherry nose that cascades into a smooth, velvet finish.  Enjoy with roasted duck, rosemary-garlic pork or with friends when you just want to monkey around."   And I agree with every word of that and love the three monkeys on the front of the box/bottle.  If you are a snob about the box thing then get it in the bottle, but you get more bang for the buck by going with the box.  There are only a few places in my town that I know carry it, Sam's (liquor store not Sam's club), Green's and Food Lion.  I think that tomorrow we will get into the whole box vs bottle thing.

Monday, October 11, 2010

First new bottle....

Hello everyone......here we go.....Today I went to the World Market and browsed around their wine selection to find something that I have never tasted.  I decided to get something that was not that expensive and thinking I might work my way up to the more expensive as we go.  Of course with the people I know there will probably be glimpses of very expensive and finer wines before I myself am ready to go there.  At any rate I decided on a Shiraz, which is not one of my favorite types of wine but I thought that it was very appropriate considering that I want new experiences.  Little Boomey from South Australia and it reads "This rich Shiraz has intense spice and black cherry flavors and a long, plush finish.  It's excellent with tri-rip steak, ribs, sausages, or any food fit for the barbie.  Give it a go!  You'll come back for more."  Now, surprisingly I really liked this wine, but I am afraid that some of my Shiraz loving friends would find that it falls short on the spice part, which is probably why I liked it.   This wine cost me $3.70 cents and at that price you can't afford not to try it.   If and when you go to The World Market make sure you sign up for their wine rewards program.  You get a discount and on your birthday they give you a $10 credit towards wine.  Again, I really liked this wine a lot and would say go buy a couple of bottles, but it is more like a pinot nior, which I like very much.  The label on this wine has a boom-a-rang on it which I thought was cool for the first wine of this blog, throw it out there and see what comes back.....

Off and running.....

Wow....what a great response for only having been official for about 12 hours.  I am so pleased that so many of you are excited about this.  Thanks so much to Mary, Grandbi and Jane for the GREAT suggestions of wines.  I can't wait to try them....!!!  Please keep sharing because that is what is going to make this blog work and be so much fun for all of us. Once I have tried a new wine and discover that I love it I will write about it and add it to the "Tamara tried it and thumbs up" list, which will be located at the bottum of the page.  Also I have added an amazon search site so that when some one makes a suggestion on anything we will be able to easily look it up, buy it and try it.  Make sure if your following to check out all comments because that's where you will find some great reviews and suggestions.  Can't wait to blog tonight around wine time....!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting blog started...

Ok...so I did all this work to set up my new blog and just sat down to actually write and was like....."oh god, now what do i do"....    I guess that would be writers block right out of the gate.  It is definitely good to be able to laugh at ones self.  No seriously I hope to learn a lot about wine and myself by doing this blog.  In the past I have been teased about the fact that I like box wine.  Its not so much that I have always liked box wine but that it seemed  more reasonably priced to me.  I am extremely frugal/cheap sometimes.  However, my mother has exposed me to some of the finer wines out there and I do have to say that sometimes its soooo worth it!!!!  My plan for this blog is to broaden my horizon in the world of wine....whether its cheap or expensive, boxed or bottled, red or white, dry or sweet (that's going to be tough because i hate sweet stuff).  Along the way i plan to share my likes and dislikes.  Just when I thought there could not possibly be another excuse for me to grab a glass of wine it would now seem I found it.....so join in and give your self another reason too.

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